Sweta Life Care Pvt. Ltd.
                                “dedicated to healthcare services…”

     Sweta Life Care is a quality conscious Pharmaceutical Export Company where its headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. Sweta Life Care has commenced its operation in 2011 & has been introduced to the pharmaceutical industry as a formulation export company and consistently developed in its respective business sectors which include Veterinary, Orthopaedic, Medical Equipments, Surgical and Medical Devices and Quality Generic Pharmaceuticals.

     Sweta Life Care is a progressively growing company with highly qualified and quality conscious personnel’s working as a solid team. Our company provides a high level of quality services worldwide in all sectors with affordable, comparable and in-depth business commitment.

     Our strategic alliance with a number of international pharmaceutical entities for marketing their products in India and overseas have strengthened and enabled us to become a true-global pharmaceutical company

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